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Introduction to Living Soil Cannabis Part 4: Indoor Veg Overview

Its April, which means that by now your seeds should have sprouted and began to grow.

The area they are kept in should have adequate light, be climate controlled, and secluded from any other grow / living area. A room by itself or a tent will suffice.

The temperature needs to be around 72 F to 80 F, with a RH value of 55%-60%. This will provide the best possible start for the new plants. It is important to have fans circulating air to prevent molds and mildews. The light cycle should be kept on 18 hours a day, with 6 hrs of total uninterrupted darkness. A green lightbulb for working during lights off is good, as long as it is very low intensity.

If the plants are going to be placed outside, then after they have acclimated to the room, it will be time to transition them slowly. They can be placed in the shade for a few hours a day, slowly working in more and more direct sunlight hours.

The indoor veg room or tent can also serve as a mother room, where you take cuttings from your strains. This can be done by adding a tent into the veg room for clone microclimate regulation, or having a separate clone room, space dependent.

It is important to have a veg / mother room so that you have control of your flowering times, cutting times, and overall home grow schedule management.

Next month we will cover indoor flower room overview and operation.


Caleb Neal is a U.S. Army Veteran, serving 5 years Active Duty as a Military Police Officer. His late spouse, Courtney Neal, was a female combat veteran MP who lost her life to suicide in 2021. His goal is to empower and educate veterans to cultivate their own in the best way for their body and the earth. 

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