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Growing our own medicine is a healing experience that can help connect us back into the natural world around us while giving us some control over our overall treatment plan.


“Personal cultivation is crucial. It protects consumers from the possibility, once marijuana is legalized, that big corporations take over the market. Tobacco companies, for instance, already have the land and processing plants available—but the marijuana they may offer could be too expensive, too weak, or otherwise not as high in quality as we have grown accustomed to during the Grow American Movement. Should that occur, we have the ultimate instrument in our hands: we can refuse to purchase their commercially produced marijuana and simply grow our own. Without the right to cultivate for personal use, consumers could end up with poor choices, poor marijuana, and no real alternatives.”

- Ed Rosenthal, Marijuana Grower's Handbook

Nature is a Right

Healing is Right

Healing with Nature

Is your Right

- LoLo Feringa

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