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Do you remember the moment your mind broke?

Do you remember the moment your mind broke? The impact, the shatter. A mirror burst with agony reflected in cascading shards, bloody ribbons of sanity strung like garlands in a mad house. Deep wrought scars that will never heal, salted and drawn over sandpaper. Naked and cold, alone in the room frozen with shock and disbelief. Suspended in the frost of denial, with those jagged blades of ice growing under our fingernails and eyelids. Slipping into the cold embrace of the internal winter, hypothermic from exhaustion. A blazing inferno within, eating us alive from the inside, tongues of flame burning out our mouths, leaving us drooling oil and fire. A poison in the blood, dissolving who we are and leaving the violent distillate of grief and hate. Never ending blows of nauseating color, leaving bruises that will be seen by no one else, and broken bones to walk on. Do you remember the moment your mind broke? I do

Yaga Malark Veteran, Scholar & Poet who runs "The Art of Wargaming" which is a research based podcast that delves into history intending to find lessons applicable to modern wargaming. Each season features a book from antiquity which the hosts then analyze, looking for pearls of knowledge. Whether you participate in intellectual or physical wargaming, or you simply love military science and history, this show explores the tactics and strategies that have influenced the course of history.

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