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If you would like to help us help Veterans access alternative PTSD treatments,

we would be honored to be that bridge.


Gifting or connecting Veterans with alternative PTSD therapies like, Stellate Ganglion Blocks, Somatic Therapy, Culturally, Spiritually or otherwise designated Individually appropriate therapists not offered through the VA, including connecting Veterans with at home mental health & chronic pain care tools like acupressure seeds, herbal ointments and teas.


We know gathering with community can be lifesaving, healthy relationships & connection are vital to a successful healing plan. We work to uplift the countless groups, orgs, and communities bringing Veteran's together. As well as host and sponsor Veteran mental health speeches, symposium's and events that provide open public discussion's on alternative mental health treatment.


The word grow holds so much nuance in the alternative mental health world, for us its a word we hold sacred and word we believe carries a right. It means the right to cultivate strong communities, cultivate healthy environments and above all else, the right to cultivate our own medicine.


As medics, we take our oaths, then a few good soldiers call us Doc, and that oath seals for life. As I see it the mental health crisis is actually a medical access crisis and its primarily affecting the people I swore to take care of.


Our orders were to guard everything within the limits of our posts and quit our posts only when properly relieved. So until that relief is accessible, me and this organization will continue to stand guard, calling out to those who are ready  and fighting beside our siblings in arms for the healing we all deserve.

- Lauren "LoLo" Feringa

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